FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I make contribution to cause I care?
    Once you create an account of Sociocharge, you can engage in activities of your interests and needs. In the process you earn socios, you can contribute those earned socios to cause you care about. We will support the cause with money against all accumulated socios for that cause.
  • Do I need to pay from my pocket to contribute?
    Absolutely No. Sociocharge is a platform where you can get engaged in activities as per your interests and needs. In the process you also earn socios that you can use for contribution towards causes you care.
  • What benefit do I get out of it?
    With your little time on doing activities of your interests on sociocharge.com, you can bring many smiles on the faces of needy people. Happiness is real when it is shared with others. You get sense of participation and satisfaction. Besides, we will have gifts/incentives for you at regular intervals.
  • What services sociocharge.com provides?
    Currently we provide services such as discovery of new and trending mobile apps, Interesting and inspirational videos, Informative and entertaining stories to share, Selected and cause based shopping options, selected need based offers, and Latest government schemes in reference to socio economic development in India. We are working to add more interesting and useful activities for you.
  • Can my account information be compromised?
    Absolutely No. We will never share your contact information with anyone without your permission
  • Can I invite my friends for to sociocharge.com?
    Yes, you can use invite friends option within sociocharge to invite friends.
  • Is Sociocharge supporting only India based campaigns?
    Currently we are running India based campaigns but any one in the world can support these campaigns. Later on we will extend campaigns to other countries as well.
  • What is value of one socio?
    Currently one Socio is equal to one Indian Rupee (INR). Therefore, if you are contributing 10 socios to any cause, you are effectively contributing 10 INR for that cause. We will update you whenever value of one socio changes.
  • How can I check if contribution is reaching right place?
    We will upload all the details about the contribution available on our blog. It will show date of contribution, amount contributed, number of user participating and beneficiary details.
  • Can I suggest a campaign?
    Definitely you can. We seek more constructive participation from our users, as collectively we can bring more positive changes in our society. We are eager to know about your campaign, please email us at support@sociocharge.com
  • Do you accept money?
    Currently no, but based on user feedback we are open to add more options for contribution.
  • Why are my actions in pending state?
    Some transactions remain in pending mode as we don't get confirmation from our partner about your action. It may be due to a network lag or you missed out to finish the action. If you think we have made an error please email us - support@sociocharge.com
  • Do we plan to add more activities?
    Yes, even you can suggest us which activities to add and we will definitely add them.
  • How can I contact you?
    You can email us at support@sociocharge.com and we will reply to you in 24 hours.